Terms of Service

We want our relationship to be mutually beneficial and a great experience for everyone involved, so you won’t find pages of terms and conditions of service. All that we expect is to be paid for work completed as agreed and that until we receive payment all work belongs to Revolver. 

What are your payment terms?

Payment is generally expected within 7 days after date of invoice, however if this is going to be a problem we will do our best to extend this period as long as you let us know in advance.

When is payment due?

Depending on the size and duration of the project we might invoice out work in stages e.g. design / production  / print – with each stage invoiced out before the next gets underway. In some cases (especially if there are large outgoing costs) we may require payment in advance – however this will always be agreed beforehand.

How much do you charge?

We always supply an estimate for the work before we start. This estimate will be for the scope of work requested and will normally be the price that you’ll pay when the job is complete. If additional work not included in the original estimate is requested, we will supply updated costs before commencing the extra work.

What if we’re unhappy with your work?

Hopefully this will never happen (and it rarely does) as we will keep you fully involved at all stages, ensuring that each stage in the project is approved before progressing to the next.  However if at any time our work is not what you were expecting then tell us so that we can get it sorted.

And if in the early stages of a design project you don’t like our creative work and decide to quit, then we wouldn’t necessarily expect you to pay a fee, unless of course you had been totally happy with the quality of work completed up to that point but for reasons outwith Revolvers control decide to cancel the project.

Who owns the copyright?

Legally the copyright for all creative work belongs to the original artist, even when the artwork or idea is sold. At Revolver, once our fees are paid, we’re pretty relaxed about what you do with our work within reason. In practice this means that you don’t always have to ask us every time you want to re-use it as long as it’s used for the same purpose.

Here’s an example of when you should probably get in touch before re-purposing our work: You decide to launch an advertising campaign using work that was originally created for a small presentation. We’re flattered of course, but we would need to agree to this and potentially apply a usage fee.

Anything else we should know?

Every job is different – especially creative projects –  however as long as we can all agree on the scope of the project, the cost and when payment is due, then we can forget about the boring business stuff and just get on with being creative!